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The hot springs of Eftalou

The thermal baths (hot springs) of Eftalou are located in the end of Eftalou area and before the start of the beach, known as Golden...
Lesbos, Places to visit

Folklore Museum of Vatousa

The folklore museum of Vatousa (or Vatoussa) is housed in one of the finest neoclassical mansions of Lesvos, the Gogos mansion, which was built around...
Lesbos, Places to visit
Lesbos, Places to visit

Theophilos Museum Mytilene

The museum settled in the area named Varia, outside Mytilene, off the road to the airport. It was designed by the Lesbian architect Gianoulellis and...
Lesbos, Places to visit

Georgios Jakobides – Painter

 Georgios Jakobides (Γεώργιος Ιακωβίδης, Lesbos 11 January 1853 - Athens 13 December 1932) was a Greek painter and one of the main representatives of the Greek artistic movement of the Munich...
Lesbos, Places to visit

The Roman Aqueduct at Moria

Near the village of Lampou Myloi are the remains of the Aqueduct, a work of superior technical mastery that was built in the 3rd century...
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Molyvos (Mithymna), Lesbos

Molyvos (or in Mithymna) offers a wide variety of attractions that cater to the interests of every age. For children, Molyvos is an explorer’s paradise,...
About Molyvos, Places to visit

Aegean regatta 2013

For the 13th consecutive year, Aegean Regatta, the International Open Sea Sailing Race, will set out for a magical voyage from August 17, to August...

Agra Village

Agra is a  lovely rural village perched on an imposing hill, 10 km from the sea in the southwest of Lesbos island. The village is...

Ιαματικά λουτρά Πολυχνίτου Λέσβου

Η περιοχή η οποία ανήκει στον Δήμο Πολιχνίτου προήλθε από τη συνένωση των πανέμορφων χωριών και οικισμών Βασιλικών, Λισβορίου, Πολιχνίτου, Σκάλας Πολιχνίτου, Νυφίδας, Βρίσας, Βατερών...

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