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Molyvos (Mithymna), Lesbos


Molyvos (or in Mithymna) offers a wide variety of attractions that cater to the interests of every age. For children, Molyvos is an explorer’s paradise, with cobblestone streets set into the hillsides, a castle to explore, the harbor to navigate, easily accessible beaches, and many new playmates from many countries! Adults may enjoy the fresh produce, fish, and olive oil gracing Molyvos’s many market grocers. Over 50 restaurants with a wide variety of prices, cuisine, and views can also be found in Molyvos.

Excursions to nearby Petra, home to a hilltop monastery and extensive shopping, is available from the harbor, while boats, mopeds, motorcycles, horses, bikes, and cars are also available for the more adventurous travelers who come to Lesbos. Many couples enjoy renting a car and exploring the neighboring villages, notably Skala Sikaminias, which offers delicious lobster pasta if you call ahead! Petra also has a wonderful beach, full of cafes, ice-cream parlors, and restaurants that all overlook the sea.



Nearby hillsides are home to herds of sheep and goats that graze among the olive groves and the greenery of Lesbos’s gently rolling hills. Lesbos has one of the highest percentages of produce production in Greece, and it also benefits from the highest average number of days of sunshine in all of the country! May visits to Lesbos, and to Molyvos in particular, are ideal, because the landscape is abundantly green and the city is filled with nature enthusiasts! Molyvos and Petra both offer bi-weekly day trips to Turkey with the option of a guided tour or simply boat passage across the channel. Turkey’s coast city of Ayvalik offers tourists the opportunity to investigate the making of Turkish rugs as well as the chance to negotiate prices for souvenir items during the guided tour. Turkey’s coast is visible from the northeast side of Molyvos.


Finally, the area is home to a wonderful mix of international and local cuisine. We recommend trying our favorite local restaurant at Molyvos, The Captain’s Table. In Vafeios, we recommend Taverna Vafeios, where both the food and the view are worth the 6 km drive.

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