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The fortress of Sigri

Sigri: Entrance of the fortress

Sigri is a small fishing village on the western tip of Lesbos. Its name derives from the Greek word for security, based on the fact that it has a safe harbor. Sigri has a also a well preserved  fortress, which is worth visiting. The castle was a Turkish fort. It was built during the Ottoman occupation of the island. Its main purpose was to protect the port from pirates. The battlements are in good shape as well as the main entrance. Its size is small and preserves more like a shape of a square. The view from the battlements is beautiful, especially during sunset time. From there you can have nice views of the main beach of Sigri.

The castle is definitely worth a visit, as well as the entire village, even if you are coming from Molyvos and you have to drive at least 1 hour and 15 minutes. The castle is open all year. It operates as a free of charge archaeological site. Surely in other countries people would pay to visit such a monument, but unfortunately we Greeks cannot take much advantage of our heritage, even now days that we are suffering from a serious financial crisis…

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