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Molyvos (Mithymna), Lesbos

Molyvos (or in Mithymna) offers a wide variety of attractions that cater to the interests of every age. For children, Molyvos is an explorer’s paradise,...
Places to visit

The beaches of Eftalou

Eftalou lies on the northern coast of Lesvos a couple of kilometres north by road from the ancient town of Molyvos. The beaches are reached...
About Molyvos, Places to visit

Aegean regatta 2013

For the 13th consecutive year, Aegean Regatta, the International Open Sea Sailing Race, will set out for a magical voyage from August 17, to August...
About Molyvos, Places to visit

Molyvos School of Fine Arts

Molyvos has a developed intellectual and artistic tradition, which occurs in the operation of a gallery, exhibiting paintings of local and foreign artists, the operation...
Places to visit
Lesbos, Places to visit

Birds of Lesbos

In many respects Lesvos (Lesbos) is a typical Mediterranean island, dry, rocky and scrub-covered with endless olive groves in lower areas. However, there are rocky...
Places to visit

The Fortress of Methymna

The fortress of Methymna is built with reddish and brown trachyte on the top of a rocky hill on which the settlement is situated. It...

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